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Welcome to the Saint Charbel Shop: A Haven of Divine Love and Devotion

Embark on a spiritual journey into the sanctified world of Saint Charbel, a realm that continues to inspire countless hearts worldwide. The Saint Charbel Shop, a cherished family venture established by Lebanese Catholics in Canada on Lebanon's National Day, November 22, 2023, warmly invites you to experience the profound divine love that Saint Charbel held for God.

Our Guiding Principle: Illuminating the World with Saint Charbel's Extraordinary Life

At the Saint Charbel Shop, we are deeply humbled and privileged to honor and share the life and legacy of Saint Charbel. His serene demeanor, his boundless love for God, and his profound spiritual connection serve as our guiding light. Saint Charbel's devotion was so deep and intense that it is often depicted in Lebanese hymns as being "drunk in the Spirit," a love that surpasses all understanding.


Bridging Hearts and Homes with the Richness of Lebanese Spirituality

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Lebanese spirituality with our carefully curated collection. Our primary source is the revered Monastery of Saint Maron in Annaya, but we also offer a diverse range of items that resonate with Lebanon's spiritual heritage. From beautifully crafted religious icons and crosses to prayer beads and handmade artifacts, each piece is a tribute to the deep love for God that Saint Charbel personified.

Upholding Lebanese Christianity: Our Pledge of Faith

At the heart of the Saint Charbel Shop is a steadfast commitment to bolster Lebanese Christianity, transcending the confines of commerce. Every purchase you make aids in preserving and strengthening the local Christian economy. By choosing the treasures of the Saint Charbel Shop, you join us in preserving the traditions and cultural heritage of Lebanese Christianity.

A Shared Legacy of Faith: Saint Charbel Shop and Our Lady of Gifts

The Saint Charbel Shop is the sister store of Our Lady of Gifts, both united by a common mission. While Our Lady of Gifts takes a more comprehensive approach, the Saint Charbel Shop concentrates on the profound life and teachings of Saint Charbel. Together, we ensure the enduring legacy of faith, reaching out to people across the world.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this remarkable journey. As you explore the Saint Charbel Shop, may you be inspired to deepen your faith, embrace the boundless love for God that Saint Charbel demonstrated, and establish a deep spiritual bond with the heritage of Eastern Catholicism.

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