Collection: Third Class Relic Gifts

A third-class relic is an item that has been in contact with a first- or second-class relic of a saint. This could be any object, but most commonly, third-class relics are small pieces of cloth. The process of creating a third-class relic often involves touching an object to a first- or second-class relic. For example, crucifixes, medals, rosaries, and other personal items can become third-class relics when they are touched to a first-class relic, such as a piece of bone or hair from a saint, or a second-class relic, like an item the saint personally owned[1].

It's important to note that in the Catholic tradition, relics are not considered magical or possessing power of their own. Any good that comes about through a relic is seen as God's doing. The relics are a means through which God acts, and they serve as reminders of the saints as models and intercessors.