The Miraculous healing of Nohad El Shami

The Miraculous healing of Nohad El Shami

Today, on this blessed day of January 22nd, we revisit the remarkable story of Nohad El Shami, a testament to the miraculous power of Saint Charbel and a beacon of hope for all who seek divine intervention.

Nohad El Shami, a resident of Mezarib in Mount Lebanon, faced a dire challenge in 1993. She suffered from hemiplegia, a paralysis that rendered her left side immobile. The prognosis was bleak, with medical experts at Saint Maritime Hospital in Jbeil confirming the severity of her condition. Despite this, Nohad's story was far from over. It was the beginning of a miraculous journey, intertwined with the intercession of Saint Charbel.

In an act of profound faith, her family sought the help of Saint Charbel, a Maronite monk renowned for his deep spirituality and miraculous healings. Her son visited the hermitage in Annaya, bringing back consecrated oil and soil from Saint Charbel’s tomb. Applied to Nohad, these relics were not just symbols of faith but carriers of hope and healing.

The turning point came on the night of January 22nd. Nohad dreamt of two Maronite monks at her bedside, with one resembling Saint Charbel. In her dream, a surgery was performed on her, a divine intervention that transcended the boundaries of human understanding. Upon waking, Nohad discovered physical signs of surgery on her neck and, most astonishingly, the return of movement to her paralyzed limbs. The impossible had been made possible.

Nohad El Shami's healing is not just a story of physical recovery; it is a profound reminder of the power of faith and the sanctity of hope. It's a narrative that strengthens our belief in the unseen, in the power of prayer, and in the compassionate love of the saints.


As we reflect on Nohad El Shami's journey, let us hold close the essence of her experience - unwavering faith, persistent prayer, and the belief in the power of the saints. May her story inspire and strengthen your faith, just as it has for countless others around the world.

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